Brands and feminism

Bad tongues are continually conveying to us the idea that feminism is just the latest trend if you want to be the chicest. But is feminism really a fashion?

It is true that fashion brands have firmly joined the feminist movement. Last season’s and the next shirts are full of messages that empower girls and women: “Girl Power,” “Girls will run the world,” “Women can do it.”

Women at work

Advertising brands no longer invest in advertising their products in the same way they did before. Now their campaigns are entirely emotional and what they want is to generate feelings that imply follow-up and passion for the brand.

If you ponder about it, we do not purchase Coca-Cola because of its taste, but because drinking it evokes happiness and belonging to a group of young, fresh and adventurous people. We do not use that perfume just because of its smell. There are thousands of fragrances on the market, but we buy the one that moves us to live a pleasant experience or a certain status.

If feminism is in fashion, then great

Just because it is fashionable does not mean that it is a fad and that feminism won’t “wear” the next season.

What happens is that it is in one of its most potent moments of recent years.

It is the “fashion” that people fell in love with because it glorifies equality, a story that tells about how women are no less than men or men less than women. It teaches the children that being a fire-fighter or a nurse does not depend on their sex.

Woman's power

It is true that feminism was a movement initiated by women from their unjust situation of inequality, but no less accurate that it involves teamwork of men with women, in addition to being something that benefits all of society, and not just them.

Feminism benefits all of society, not any gender, color, or race.