Everyone has the right to protest. If you disagree to something and if you have people agreeing with your theory and if you can gather a bunch of people to protest against it, you are ready to protest against something. As easy as it may sound, it is that hard. There are some things you should about protesting against something. Some of them are:

  • Freedom of expression is a fundamental right protected under the Human Rights Act and under British common law.
  • Any restrictions must always be set out in law and be proportionate.
  • Freedom of expression can be limited and in particular does not protect statements that discriminate against harass, or incite violence or hatred against, other persons and groups, particularly by reference to their race, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation.
  • No one can rely on the human right to freedom of expression to limit or undermine the human rights of others.
  • It is nonetheless an offense to stir up hatred on racial or religious grounds or on the ground of sexual orientation. Offensive or insulting language may also constitute harassment.

These are some of the many things that you should consider before protesting against something. The next question that arises in your mind is how to protest safely. We have all seen many protests go wrong, where many people end up getting beat up. Here are some things that might give you an idea of how to do it safely.

Know Your Rights

The first and foremost thing to consider before doing anything related to anything is doing appropriate research about it. In this case, you should be well aware of your rights. You should be aware of what rights you do and don’t have. For instance, many people misinterpret their first amendment right to assembly. It allows them to gather anywhere they wish, but in reality, it limits the government or any other agents of the state from infringing on peaceful assembly in public places. However, people tend to forget the fact that it is very easy to inadvertently walk from a public place to a private one and easily find yourself in trouble.

Things to Pack for a Protest

You never know what might happen in a protest. You need to make sure that you carry IDs that identify you and any permits that might be required. Some of the things that you should be keeping in your backpack are first-aid kits, any essential medication that you constantly require, personal hygiene accessories, stationery items like pens, papers, markers and so on.

Be Quick and Smart

When you are involved in a protest, make sure that you think on your feet and be smart to know where to be and when. You should know when to stay and know when to leave. Try your best to not be involved at any stupid scuffles that might break out during the protest.